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Hello beautiful!

I'm so excited you popped in to learn a little more about me, and I can't wait to meet you!

All About Me

Once upon a time on a cold winter morning in 1995 I became part of this magical world we all know and love. As a child anytime I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say a Disney princess! But sadly the taller and older I grew I learned that they had plenty of princesses. So what now? When I was a teenager I was sure I would be the next Broadway star. Maybe like Kristin Chenoweth? But with dark hair. And though I was very active in choir and high school productions, the largest role I ever played was Tree #1 in the Wizard of Oz for my high schools musical. So, unfortunately stardom was far out of reach. Then graduation came and the pressure was on. I enrolled in community college to get my Associates in Fine Arts. At the theater located on campus they were preparing for a pageant! My mom had competed in pageants when she was younger and I thought maybe this was a sign that I could carry on the family crown! I have always wanted to make a difference and do something that would inspire and help others! I got ready for my first pageant in just 2 weeks and I was certain I would take home the title... I did not. At that point I was at a loss and chose to trust my journey and that I would find my calling. A year later I was on my own, working multiple jobs, I had my first tiny little apartment, I became a mother of two cats, Stella & Luna. I was content, but still did not know what it was that I was meant to do.


Out of the blue I decided to give performing another shot and got a job as an actress/singer for a company that provides characters for childrens birthdays/events! And that is where my fascination for makeup began.. It was astounding to me how all I needed was the right makeup and I could transform myself into everyones favorite fairytale princess. Once my love for makeup grew my friends began asking me to do their makeup for special events such as weddings, proms, birthdays, etc! And the reactions I would get after they would see their makeup gave me butterflies. I realized that everything I tried in life and thought I failed at, actually prepared me to be a makeup artist. Theater taught me how to apply makeup that is meant to last through dance numbers, costume changes and very strong stage lights. When I started working as a character performer, I had to teach myself precision and to pay attention to detail. Pageants taught me how to accentuate your facial features! 

In 2021 I attended North Hills Beauty Academy and graduated from the Esthetics program! During my time in school I was shadowing and working with other makeup artists. I wanted to learn as much as I could so when it was my turn to have my own business I would go into it confidently. So did I really know that I was going to be a Makeup Artist? Absolutely not. But the little princess I once was became the fairy godmother that helps all of her clients feel remarkably fabulous for the ball. And if you ask me that makes for quite the happy ending.




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